Bally Technologies Gets in the Game with Field Service Solution from Apacheta

bally01Bally Technologies is a diversified, worldwide gaming company that designs, manufacturers, distributes, and operates gaming devices and computerized monitoring, accounting, and player-tracking systems for gaming devices. Up until a few years ago, Bally’s technicians carried around a book of tickets that they would complete and mail back to headquarters after installing or servicing a gaming machine. With the ServiceACE™ mobile application from Apacheta running on a Motorola MC75 handheld device, Bally now cashes in on real-time data and accurate reporting from the field.

Bally Turns to Mobile to Provide Up-to-Date, Accurate Records

The gaming industry is heavily regulated and closely monitored, making the need for accurate and up-to-data record keeping even more critical. Before implementing a mobile solution, Bally utilized paper-based systems and relied on the U.S. Postal Service or the occasional fax to receive updates from the field. They didn’t have a way to reliably capture a customer’s signature that a
gaming machine was delivered, which is required to officially transfer ownership, validate a lease, or recognize revenue. Days could pass between when the machine was delivered and installed and Bally could officially recognize that sale.

The company also couldn’t verify when a gaming machine went live, was converted to a new game, or removed. Bally Technologies went on the search for a mobile solution that would provide real-time data, signature capture, and activity tracking; while still providing the flexibility to change and update the workflows to add new functionality in the future. Apacheta ServiceACE running on a Motorola MC75 handheld connected to the AT&T wireless network fit the bill.

ServiceACE Automates Field Service Operations

ServiceACE is a mobile application that automates the daily tasks of a field service technician; enabling organizations to streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction, and capture new revenue opportunities. Because ServiceACE is built on Apacheta’s flexible mobile framework, it is easy for companies to change workflows and add new functionality.

Bally rolled out 135 Motorola MC75 devices running ServiceACE to automate their field delivery and installation operations. ServiceACE integrated with Bally’s back-end Siebel and MAPICS ERP systems to enable installers to capture customer signatures and send them in real-time over the AT&T network to the home office.

Bally Doubles Down on Mobility

From 2009 to 2011, Bally rolled out functionality over four phases to meet the changing needs of the business. Additional functionality included:

  • Conversion order processing when a gaming machine was converted from one type to another
  • The ability to create a new service ticket from the field, to respond to customer requests while servicing another machine or conducting a site visit
  • Creation of Bally Quality Incident Reports to inform the manufacturer of potential defects discovered during servicing
  • Maintain a mobile parts inventory and track inventory as it is transferred from the central warehouse to the van
  • Additional service requests including machine removal and game servicing
  • Ability to decrement van parts inventory as parts were used during a call
  • Preventative maintenance workflows
  • Service technician time tracking
  • Ability to update and add email contact information
  • Documentation to meet internal security audit requirements

bally01After reaping the rewards of real-time data and field service automation, Bally continues to plan new enhancements to the system including verification of progressive slots, while expanding to add another 10 to 15 more devices. One of the biggest paybacks so far has been the ability to tailor and update mobile workflows to add new features and functionality over time.

“The ability to modify Apacheta’s mobile workflows to meet our changing needs was exactly what we were looking for,” said E.J. Coyle, Senior Business Analyst for Bally Technologies. “This flexibility reduces the time it takes to roll out a new version of the software and eliminates an unnecessary communication layer.”

About Apacheta

Apacheta offers flexible mobile business solutions that empower companies to automate and streamline business processes in route sales, field marketing, pick up and delivery, transportation and field service. Our flexible applications are built on top of our modular framework, which can be customized and scaled across the enterprise using common mobile workflows. Our solutions are available to be deployed on premise behind the firewall or hosted in our data center through our Apacheta Online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

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