Apacheta Announces Spring 2016 Product Release, Includes Clinical Workflow for TransportACE for Medical Logistics Market

(MEDIA, PENNSYLVANIA)Apacheta Corporation, a mobile business solutions provider, today announced the spring 2016 release that includes offering its flagship software product for the Medical Logistics Market, TransportACE, for clinical workflows.

“With our spring release of TransportACE we are moving away from an entirely delivery and logistics-based solution and expanding our base workflow to encapsulate direct care providers, such as respiratory and sleep therapists, as well as orthotics and prosthetics providers who serve patients from a single location,” said Gregg Timmons, CEO of Apacheta. “Our focus on further broadening the scope of the product, while keeping it affordable, will allow a tremendous amount of automation to occur in the healthcare industry. Additionally, this will bring every clinical provider, regardless of size, on par with organizations that have previously had the ability and resources to invest in automating their processes.”

Apacheta’s spring 2016 release is a transformational because it enables organizations that previously had no need for field dispatch and logistics workflow to solely focus on serving patients within a facility or clinic. Additional features released alongside Clinical Workflow include:

  • Enhanced load manifest creation,
  • Extended vehicle loading functionality,
  • And the ability to directly scan barcodes directly into a patient’s item notes field.

“It was imperative for us to not only have a solution to service our patients at their homes, but also bring that same functionality within our facility for patients we serviced in-house,” said Tara Elliston, General Manager for Geneva Woods Pharmacy. “Apacheta understood our needs and promptly responded with a pitch perfect feature set.”

Apacheta provides mobile business solutions that streamline the workflow management and the delivery of products and services to a variety of markets, including healthcare, transportation, field services and consumer goods. To learn more about the company’s offerings, visit www.apacheta.com.

About Apacheta Corporation

Apacheta Corporation provides a mobile delivery management solution designed to enable post-acute care equipment providers to automate and streamline delivery operations that ultimately improve patient outcomes. The company’s workflow management platform and mobile applications enable organizations to manage the delivery process by creating a paperless environment that increases fiscal efficacy and field force productivity. For more information, visit www.apacheta.com.

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