Apacheta Corporation Releases Mid-Year Update, Presents Year-Over-Year Growth and Increased Customer Retention

(MEDIA, PENNSYLVANIA) Apacheta Corporation, a mobile business solutions provider, today announced the company has nearly doubled its customer base and increased revenue by 75 percent since June 2015.

Apacheta attributes the significant year-over-year growth to customer adoption of its cloud-based mobile logistics solution. In particular, the company expanded into the post-acute care industry, specifically in the home medical equipment/durable medical equipment (HME/DME) space, earlier in 2015. This market expansion garnered a 120 percent increase in new customers in the last 12 months. TransportACE provides medical organizations with improved business efficiencies that ultimately enable better patient outcomes through enhanced visibility and transparency.

To fuel the rapid growth, Apacheta continues to make investments, both in software and its cloud platform, resulting in 45 new solution capabilities, including extending its medical logistics offering to iOS users. Additionally, the company’s success has stemmed job creation with a 26 percent growth in personnel.

“The shift in the mobile logistics market from expensive upfront hardware and software to subscription-based cloud services and low cost BYOD handhelds fueled our rapid growth across the board, but particularly in the HME/DME industry,” said Gregg Timmons, CEO of Apacheta. “Modern mobile logistics solutions should not be only available to large companies with robust budgets. Instead, we put enterprise-level mobile solutions in reach of businesses of all sizes, allowing them to reap the benefits of improved operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and logistic transparencies. We are extremely proud of the growth we’ve seen thus far and look forward to continuing the momentum through the rest of 2016.”

Through improvements in product capabilities and investments in additional infrastructure and personnel, Apacheta has been able to provide customers with better service and support. Customers report experiencing a 4:1 return on investment (ROI). This proven value proposition has created a 99 percent customer retention rate as well as a 120 percent increase in customer acquisition, which have ultimately increased revenue.

“Since we began our partnership with Apacheta in March 2015 we have seen a significant increase in our bottom line by streamlining operational processes and improving the way we provide care to our customers,” said Ben Gissinger, Vice President of Operations for QMES. “Additionally, the Apacheta team has been a true partner in our success. They listen to the challenges we face in the field and develop solutions tailored to meet these needs.”

Apacheta provides mobile business solutions that streamline workflow management and the delivery of products and services to a variety of industry verticals, including healthcare, transportation, field services and consumer goods. To learn more about the company’s offerings, visit www.apacheta.com.

About Apacheta Corporation

Apacheta Corporation provides a mobile delivery management solution designed to enable post-acute care equipment providers to automate and streamline delivery operations that ultimately improve patient outcomes. The company’s workflow management platform and mobile applications enable organizations to manage the delivery process by creating a paperless environment that increases fiscal efficacy and field force productivity. For more information, visit www.apacheta.com.

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