Geneva Woods Improves Cash Flow and Patient Care Through Automation

In an effort to meet ever-present compliance standards, HME/DME companies find themselves buried in paperwork and spending hundreds of dollars per year on overhead fees related to operational issues. However, since April 2015 Geneva Woods Pharmacy and Healthcare Services, a leading provider of integrated LTC, home and specialty pharmacy services for rural markets, managed to decrease overhead by 25 percent by streamlining its paperwork processing procedures.

After experiencing years of missing paperwork, such as training agreements and home assessments, as well as trying to manage uncontrolled inventory that resulted in up to $4,000/month in inventory cost write-offs as well as lost future rental revenues, Geneva Woods sought a more efficient asset tracking and proof of delivery solution. The company also desired enhanced transparency in employee productivity to decrease revenue hold-ups while helping improve patient care.

To accomplish these goals, Geneva Woods partnered with Apacheta, a mobile business solutions provider, to implement logistics management software into its daily standard operations. With goals of reducing overhead fees, tracking assets as well as maintaining greater compliance to keep accreditation, Geneva Woods installed Apacheta’s Transport Manager and Transport ACE product offerings.

“Before partnering with us, Geneva Woods was inundated with mounds of paperwork that left operations disheveled and led to lost revenue through write-offs because of misplaced documents,” said Bob Shireman, vice president of products and solutions for Apacheta. “By working together, we have been able to significantly reduce their overhead cost, streamline delivery and billing operations, and reduce the cost of managing paper company-wide. Their success story is a true testament to the work we do here to help our clients improve business efficiencies and patient care through automating operational logistics.”

Through their partnership with Apacheta, the company was able to reduce the amount of missing or improperly executed paperwork by almost 26 percent annually. Utilizing the online portal where data can be entered in real time, Geneva Woods gained more accurate accounts of its inventory and decreased DSO by eliminating lag time for confirming deliveries. Additionally, Geneva Woods was also able to reduce its scanning team at the corporate office from two full-time employees to one part-time employee to manually enter information not captured by Apacheta.

These processes were expedited and maintained in a matter of six weeks since installing Apacheta software and resulted in fewer write-offs and less revenue hold up which in turn created greater cash flow for Geneva Woods. With the ability to expedite the confirmation process, customer satisfaction grew as well. Ultimately, these results generated more transparent customer services and patient care through quicker deliveries, real-time schedule adjustments and timely clean billing.

Furthermore, the implementation process for Geneva Woods was seamless. The Apacheta team outlined a clear project timeline and provided best practice recommendations for employees to follow. Additionally, Apacheta was flexible and quick to accommodate changings needs during the rollout to ensure customer satisfaction.

“By far, the support from the Apacheta team has proven to be the most responsive and timeliest that I’ve encountered to date from any organization,” said Tara Elliston, general manager for Geneva Woods. “Before, we were drowning in paperwork and struggling to meet compliance needs. Apacheta has become a true partner in our success.  The claims they made about how they could improve our business were not just empty promises – they actually delivered in a measureable way.”

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