Apacheta: The Headwaters of Information

Providing a year-round water flow into the ocean, The Apacheta Creek serves as the headwaters to the world’s longest river, the Amazon River. The local tribes in the area also often refer to the creek’s name as “the source of good things to come.” In the same way this creek provides a constant stream to the Amazon, at Apacheta Corporation we aim to be the “headwaters of information” within the space and a resource for field management industry professionals to streamline operational efficiencies within their businesses.

Founded in 2003, Apacheta serves as a pioneer in the development of mobile logistics management applications. We aid organizations in staying ahead of various business challenges, such as paper processing, inventory management and regulatory oversight, by providing cloud-based applications that automate delivery and administrative logistics.

We ask this question quite often, “When’s the last time you received a package from UPS or FedEx and signed paper?” It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Take a moment to read about FedEx’s rollout of their wireless handhelds. Notice that the article is dated December 2, 2002 – fourteen years ago. Talk about a blast from the past!

A lot has changed since 2002, and today’s modern mobile logistics management solutions should be inexpensive, easy to use and not rely on custom-built hardware or complicated software. Unfortunately, there are still a multitude of outdated logistics software management options available that require devices that are generally cumbersome and costly. Our next-generation solutions offer businesses of all sizes a distinct advantage with enterprise-level mobile solutions that are highly cost effective and can be installed on commonly available iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Our products, TransportACE and Transport Manager, work in tandem to offer businesses transparency and efficiency in field and administrative operations. Together, these services expedite confirmation status leading to streamlined and clean billing processes. From pre-trip inspection, to the delivery and return to the warehouse, TransportACE allows providers to view route schedules and delivery instructions as well as create PDFs of necessary proof-of-delivery documents in real time. Meanwhile, Transport Manager enables managers and customer service representatives to virtually plan routes and adjust schedules while monitoring delivery and fleet status instantaneously. Together, the Apacheta solution delivers competitive advantage and better cash flow in markets where customer expectations are high and margins are under pressure.

We find “the last mile” logistic operations in most businesses is an area that has historically been underserved by technology. We seek to change that dynamic and show how our customers are using our solutions to drive business efficiencies, enhance customer service and gain unprecedented visibility into their logistics operations. On this blog we aim to serve as a resource and share the latest industry trends, company updates and offer advice on business logistics. We will provide insight on the benefits of automating your logistics operations with tested and proven solutions.

Much like the Apacheta Creek provides a constant stream of water into the Amazon, we intend to supply our audience with a constant stream of valuable information. If there’s a topic you would like us to address or have any questions for us, please feel free to leave a comment below.