Apacheta Announces the Addition of 14 New Customers in 2016 Q3

(MEDIA, PENNSYLVANIA) Apacheta Corporation, a mobile business solutions provider, today announced the company experienced significant growth during the third quarter of 2016 with the addition of 14 new customers, with an average of one per week.

In addition, Apacheta assisted 21 new customers, amounting to 314 individual users, in deploying the technology this quarter. This record-setting expansion is an indication of what’s to come as more organizations begin to realize the benefits of utilizing mobile logistics.

“We have been preaching the benefits of going mobile for several years, and companies are finally catching on to what we’ve been saying,” said Gregg Timmons, President & CEO of Apacheta. “In years past we’ve experienced lulls during the summer months in terms of customer growth – but not this year. Managers are tired of sifting through paperwork, compensating for overtime hours and experiencing poor driver visibility. Now that companies recognize the future of delivery and logistics management is a mobile landscape, we are seeing adoption rates climb at a rapid pace.”

Apacheta established partnerships with home medical equipment (HME) companies throughout the U.S. from a variety of backgrounds, including large hospital-based organizations, small regional providers and specialty companies. For example, a 460-bed, three-hospital system located in Joplin, Missouri, installed the software for its HME delivery technicians. Additionally, a large regional hospital system in New Orleans, Louisiana connected their 20 DME delivery technicians to the system as well. “We see HME/DME providers of all sizes adopting our mobile delivery solutions, from five-person delivery teams up to 400 strong, multi-state organizations,” said Timmons.

On average, Apacheta customers experience a 400% return on investment when utilizing the Transport Manager and Transport ACE products. Additionally, users report increased cash flows, reduced overhead costs and the ability to remain competitive in their markets. As HME providers continue to strive to increase efficiencies, provide better patient care and stay ahead of the competition, the industry is poised for a significant shift towards greater adoption of technology into daily business processes, such as mobile logistics software. With this shift, Apacheta predicts the company will have an equally strong Q4 and 2017.

About Apacheta Corporation

Apacheta Corporation provides a mobile delivery management solution designed to enable post-acute care equipment providers to automate and streamline delivery operations that ultimately improve patient outcomes. The company’s workflow management platform and mobile applications enable organizations to manage the delivery process by creating a paperless environment that increases fiscal efficacy and field force productivity. For more information, visit www.apacheta.com.

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