Apacheta Corporation Sees Significant Success at Medtrade and the Brightree Customer Summit

(MEDIA, PENNSYLVANIA) Apacheta Corporation, a mobile business solutions provider, reflects on the success of Medtrade Fall 2016 and the Brightree Customer Summit as it was able to showcase the product line and share customer testimonials.

On Oct. 31, Apacheta demonstrated the capabilities provided by its product line at the Brightree Customer Summit in an exclusive presentation, “Best Practice Workflow for Referrals: from Intake to Delivery.” In front of an audience of HME/DME key decision makers, Apacheta executives explained the primary benefits of utilizing a mobile delivery logistics solution are increased driver visibility, reduced paper cost and shorter billing confirmation, as seen in recent customer surveys.

Additionally, many existing customers reached out to the Apacheta team throughout the conference to offer their praises of the technology. For example, Alexis Watine, chief enterprise administrator and compliance officer of SurfMed, praised Apacheta’s constant innovation within the Brightree system. The solutions have been a key component of their cost-cutting strategy by increasing overall efficiency.

“Since our company thrives on feedback, our presence at Medtrade is critical to our business because of the one-on-one time we get with our customers. Having the ability to discuss in-person the benefits they are experiencing in their businesses, how we can improve and what features they are looking for in the future to have continued success is crucial for us,” said Gregg Timmons, CEO of Apacheta Corporation. “We also look at Medtrade as a way to meet new customers and expand our presence within the industry.”

The company was present at the Brightree booth to conduct demonstrations and provide additional details on the benefits of the technology to potential customers. Throughout the four days, Apacheta was able to connect with hundreds of providers at the booth to discuss their business and how Apacheta solutions can deliver value. The partnership with Brightree has provided significant impact to Apacheta by having the opportunity to meet additional Brightree customers at Medtrade who are looking to leverage a mobile logistics solution to remain competitive.

“Apacheta has been a valuable partner to Brightree and our customers,” said Steve Rogers, vice president of product management at Brightree. “They have a good understanding of the HME industry, so we were happy to give them the opportunity to showcase their solution at our Customer Summit and as part of our booth at Medtrade.”

Apacheta will be releasing its fall product line that was teased at Medtrade in the near future. The company is also looking ahead to Medtrade Spring 2017 and how it can create a greater impact at the next conference. To learn more about Apacheta, visit www.apacheta.com.

About Apacheta Corporation

Apacheta Corporation provides a mobile delivery management solution designed to enable post-acute care equipment providers to automate and streamline delivery operations that ultimately improve patient outcomes. The company’s workflow management platform and mobile applications enable organizations to manage the delivery process by creating a paperless environment that increases fiscal efficacy and field force productivity. For more information, visit www.apacheta.com.

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