On The Horizon: Implementing Customer Feedback

We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of busy days, keeping ourselves focused on what’s immediately in front of us as opposed to what’s ahead long term. As we are now well into the fourth quarter and planning what’s to come in 2017, we have shifted our attention to what’s on the horizon for Apacheta and its customers.

Our goal is to assist our partners in creating efficient, profitable businesses. In order to do so, we depend on and value customer feedback in order to make improvements to our software. Over the last year, we have continuously improved our flagship products with the healthcare market in mind.

In December 2015, we expanded our reach in the medical logistics market from exclusively using Google’s Android operating system to also include Apple’s iOS software. With a vast amount of devices newly supporting our technology, more HME and DME companies were able to implement our technology.

Additionally, with two of our most recent releases in 2016 we have furthered our scope into the medical logistics market by updating our banner products, TransportACE and Transport Manager. In the spring, we brought our technologies into brick and mortar facilities with the inclusion of Clinical Workflow through TransportACE, allowing healthcare organizations to automate their daily processes. This summer we also announced that both products will offer providers enhanced post-delivery communication with their patients. These new features, and many more, came to fruition based on your feedback.

When deciding what features to improve upon next, once again, we looked to you. In a poll distributed on Oct. 10, we asked you to rate your overall satisfaction with our company and products, as well as let us know how your business has improved since implementing our solutions. The results of our survey undisputedly showed increased driver visibility as the No. 1 business benefit experienced by customers. With enhanced driver transparency, providers experience increased productivity and are better equipped to handle ad hoc requests.

In an effort to continue improving business efficiencies for our customers, our 2017 product updates will include an optimized driver visibility platform. Additionally, the survey reflected that reduced paper costs and write-off claims also improved business operation. Therefore, we intend to include features to improve these aspects as well.

Jim Trinka and Les Wallas, authors of A Legacy of 21st Century Leadership, once said, “Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas.” We always want you to know that your ideas and feedback are valued by us. As we further enhancing our offerings we will continue to ask for your feedback and ideas to ensure they remain the currency of our success.