Our Thoughts: Medtrade Fall 2016

Earlier this month we traveled to Atlanta for the 2016 Medtrade Fall conference, surrounding ourselves with thousands of key decision makers of HME/DME companies, where we were able to showcase our product offerings. As we settle back into our daily routines and reflect on the conference, we wanted to share some of our highlights from those four days.

Our Exclusive Presentation

During the Brightree Customer Summit on Oct. 31, we had a chance to demonstrate the capabilities our products provide customers in an exclusive presentation, “Best Practice Workflow for Referrals: from Intake to Delivery.” During the presentation, our executives explained the No. 1 benefit of utilizing a mobile delivery logistics solution is increased driver visibility, as seen in recent customer surveys. With greater driver transparency, mangers have the ability to view exactly where a technician is in their route and gauge approximately how long each stop will take.

Our Raving Fans

Throughout the conference many existing customers reached out to us and stopped by the booth to offer their praises of our technology. For example, Alexis Watine, chief enterprise administrator and compliance officer of SurfMed, praised Apacheta’s constant innovation within the Brightree system. The solutions have been a key component of their cost-cutting strategy by increasing overall efficiency.

Customer feedback is such an integral part of our business, and attending Medtrade allowed us to chat with existing customers one-on-one about the benefits they are experiencing, how we can improve our offerings and what features they would like to see in future product updates.

Our Booth Presence

The conference also gives us an opportunity to meet existing and potential customers, expanding our presence within the industry. This year we participated with Brightree in their booth as the clinical business management and billing software solutions provider’s strategic partner for mobile delivery. We were busy for most of the three days speaking with hundreds of providers. Throughout the conference a few common themes emerged.

  1. Providers are turning their attention to their delivery processes and searching for solutions to drive lower costs and more transparence of their delivery agents.
  2. Most providers don’t know how easy it is to get started with Apacheta using commonly available mobile devices and our applications.
  3. Customers using our solution experience dramatic improvements in agent visibility, lower delivery costs, as well as quicker and cleaner payments while delivering better patient care.

The partnership we have with Brightree has made a significant impact to our company by allowing us the opportunity to meet additional Brightree customers at Medtrade who are looking to leverage a mobile logistics solution to remain competitive.

Forward Thinking

As teased during Medtrade, we will be releasing our fall product line in the near future, and we look forward to hearing what our customers have to say about it. Additionally, we are already gearing up for our involvement at Medtrade Spring 2017 in Las Vegas, and how we can create a greater impact at the next conference.  See you next year!