Apacheta Announces the Launch of Route Manager for Optimized Deliveries

Apacheta Corporation, a mobile business solutions provider, launched its latest product, Route Manager, which offers enhanced fleet management by optimizing driver routes.

“Although Apacheta customers have experienced significant business benefits and value from using our solutions, there’s always room for additional improvements,” said Gregg Timmons, CEO of Apacheta. “Our customers sought a new solution with more automation and efficiency in planning and route scheduling to increase fleet productivity. Therefore, we developed Route Manager to meet their needs. This product has been tested, approved and implemented into the daily workflow of a large majority of our customer base and we are pleased with the praise we are receiving for it.”

Utilizing Apacheta’s route optimization engine, Route Manager re-orders deliveries into the most efficient sequence for that day, factoring in time and distance to provide the shortest and quickest travel times between stops. This allows delivery teams to save significant time and vehicle costs, which ultimately leads to increased patient satisfaction and operating profitability. Route Manager will work in tangent with Transport Manager to obtain necessary information for each stop and send the optimized route to the TransportACE software.

In December, Apacheta customers had the opportunity to test Route Manager, and report on the impact of using the new software. Since the software’s general availability in January 2017, Apacheta has seen a 20 percent customer adoption rate in the first six weeks.

“Since we began using Route Manager, our drivers are now ready to start their deliveries within 10 minutes of clocking in,” said Zac Shannon, network analyst with MedCare Equipment Company. “Now, delivery routes are automatically optimized by the software in seconds with the press of a button. Route Manager saves each delivery technician more than 30 minutes every morning and allows them to focus on their inventory and delivery preparation.”

As reported in: HomeCare Magazine