Our Thoughts: Medtrade Spring 2017

In preparing for the launch of our new product, Route Manager, 2017 has been a jam-packed year for us already. However, as we traveled to Las Vegas for Medtrade Spring in February, we quickly learned we aren’t the only ones who have been keeping busy the first few months of this year. Although the two-day conference went by quickly, we learned a lot from visiting with key industry players from around the country. Energized from a successful MedTrade, we want to share a few highlights from the event and how we were able to reach existing and potential customers in new ways.

Quality Time at the Brightree Booth

Once again, we joined forces with our partners at Brightree to showcase our latest developments and meet with existing and potential customers at the company’s booth. However, this year’s booth experience was unlike that of previous events. Brightree’s new open-concept booth design with ample seating allowed for more intimate, one-on-one discussions with visitors, as opposed to a podium-style lectures. This more casual environment gave us the opportunity to really listen to customers, enabling us to take their feedback into account moving forward.

Route Manager Launch

During the conference we announced the launch of our newest product, Route Manager. The latest addition to our product line allows HME/DME delivery drivers to schedule the most optimal route from the first stop to the last with just the click of a button. Throughout the show our team held several product demonstrations and answered countless questions about how Route Manager can improve delivery logistics for providers. During the month of February, we signed up more than 100 new users to Route Manager. Also, thanks to our supporters at Brightree, visitors could view a live demonstration at the company’s booth at any given time, as the product was constantly featured on “The Big Screen.”

Getting Down to Business

One of the most rewarding parts about being at Medtrade is meeting the attendees, but what’s even better is talking to them about how we can help their businesses. This year we experienced a different tone from the attendees than we have in the past. Sometime in the months between Medtrade Fall 2016 to now, providers began realizing the effects of reimbursement cuts and the conversation of mobile logistics shifted from “does it make that big of a difference?” to “how you can improve my operational efficiencies?” A common discussion at the show was identifying areas in attendees’ workflow where paper is printed to be later scanned and filed. Paper-based delivery management is one area in need of change in the industry. Through conversations at the conference, we learned HME/DME business owners and managers are serious about streamlining their workflows and cutting unnecessary costs. Just know – we’re ready when you are!

Panel Discussions

Our very own customer success specialist, Aimee Swope, made her debut as an event panelist offering her insights on the “Workflow Management: Optimize and Streamline Your Resources” panel. The discussion focused on how companies are increasing revenue and providing better patient care through automating operations. Aimee was able to provide expertise on the topic from both the vendor and provider points of view, as she used to work for a DME provider, Rezk Medical Supply.

Looking Ahead

Between now and October when we all reconvene in Atlanta, we look forward to furthering our reach throughout the industry and bringing more benefits to providers. We’ve got exciting plans for this year and are eager to share our latest developments with you. The conversations we engaged in at Medtrade Spring are fresh on our minds and it’s our intention to bring you the best tools to help optimize your business this year.