MedCare Saves 46 Trees (and More) Annually by Switching to a Mobile Delivery Solution

The Home Medical Equipment (HME) industry is not immune to the rapid growth of the current healthcare market. As the demand for home healthcare increases, the amount of paperwork providers must keep up with is not ideal for an efficient workflow – especially for those managing several offices. MedCare Equipment Company has more than 20 years of experience in the HME industry, but as the company continued to expand by opening new branch offices within the past five years it encountered issues with the amount of paperwork it was going through annually, which effected the Day’s Sales Outstanding (DSO) number, as well as standardizing delivery and training practices across at all 14 branch locations.

MedCare began implementing Apacheta’s mobile delivery software in May 2016 with the hopes of reducing paperwork and improving productivity, and quickly saw success on a company-wide level. With the assistance of TransportACE and Transport Manager MedCare has eliminated as much physical paperwork as possible. The switch to a paperless environment has allowed the company to save approximately 46 trees worth, or 466,000 sheets of paper annually. Additionally, overall efficiencies have improved, as technicians are able to save roughly 10 minutes per stop, spending less effort on completing orders and more time focusing on patient care.

Not only has MedCare reduced waste and saved money by reducing its scanning team by two full-time employees, but it’s also mitigated the potential for lost or missing documents. Prior to using the software, senior staff members were required to travel from the main office to the individual branch locations to deliver new or completed documents, leaving ample room for error. Now all documents are received by both the individual and the main offices within three minutes of a completed delivery electronically, mitigating a long and complicated paper trail. Additionally, the company witnessed its DSO decrease from 16 days to two and a half days within the first month of deployment, which has remained consistent since implementation.

“As we continue to open additional branch locations further away from our main office, it’s been more difficult to uphold standardized training and delivery practices,” said Zac Shannon, network analyst for MedCare. “Training new delivery technicians on how to handle paperwork, what documents they need to have on hand and where it all needs to go once the delivery is completed was time consuming and costly. Fortunately, with Apacheta we’ve been able to virtually train all our employees at once, eliminating any confusion. The software standardizes our delivery processes and stores all the documents technicians need in one location and electronically walks them through the delivery process.”

In December 2016, MedCare also implemented Apacheta’s newest product feature, Route Manager, which provides enhanced fleet management by optimizing delivery routes at the push of a button, and has proved to save time and effort for both dispatchers and drivers. Prior to employing Route Manager, MedCare had already experienced significant improvements in route planning using Apacheta software. Now, however, with Route Manager the company is witnessing a 200 percent reduction in time to plan routes, allowing our drivers to clock-in, load their schedules to a tablet and be ready to go within 10 minutes. The software also allows dispatchers to optimize the deliveries they assign technicians and provides a better understanding of how long drivers will be in the field. This enables dispatchers to schedule ad-hoc orders throughout the day depending on a driver’s schedule.

“Since implementing our software in May 2016, Zac and his team quickly saw a reduction in inefficiencies and errors across all branches,” said Gregg Timmons, president and CEO of Apacheta. “By adding in our new Route Manager feature, they were able to become even more efficient through automated scheduling and routing, which will allow MedCare to even further increase operational efficiencies and bottom line.”

Finally, the overall experience MedCare had while working with Apacheta is unparalleled. Apacheta was available from the very beginning with clear set up instructions, webinars and best practice advice.

“They treat you as an equal, a true partner,” Shannon said. “The respect they showed us went a long way, especially when most companies just brush you off as the ‘end user’ and don’t communicate with you unless prodded to.”

Although technicians were originally nervous about the switch to mobile delivery, the transition was incredibly smooth and those who were initially hesitant picked it up almost immediately, according to Shannon. Within three days of implementation, support calls with questions from drivers decreased to one or two a day. After nearly 11 months of using Apacheta’s software, Shannon still receives compliments from drivers on a weekly basis regarding their preference of mobile delivery over paper due to how much easier it makes their day.

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