Accion Cuts Paper Costs by 50 Percent by Switching to a Mobile Delivery Solution

The Durable Medical Equipment (DME) industry is becoming more competitive as suppliers in the market continue to experience an increase in demand. To thrive amongst competitors, it’s necessary for DME providers to deliver exceptional service to their patients. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, companies must have the proper resources and processes in place to provide care in an efficient manner. Since 2008, Accion DME Medical Supply has been providing DME supplies to its patients in Texas, but to remain a step ahead, the company sought out a new workflow management solution to integrate into its daily operations.

In September 2016, Accion partnered with Apacheta, a mobile business solutions provider, to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Within six months into the partnership, Accion began recognizing the benefits of reducing paper and accurately tracking drivers in real time, as overtime hours decreased by 60 percent and drivers were spending 10 less hours in the field.

“Manual paper delivery platforms continue to inhibit growth in the HME/DME industry,” said Gregg Timmons, president and CEO of Apacheta. “As demand for product and services grow and reimbursements shrink, providers have to think differently about their last mile logistics processes. Mobile technology is a proven answer to meet these challenges. By going mobile, Accion was able to pinpoint the areas of its business that needed improvement and employ a solution to meet those needs quickly and cost-effectively.”

With the transition to a paperless environment Accion’s paper cost has reduced by more than 50 percent, as well as improved the efficiency of its billing process. Previously, the company struggled to keep track of manual delivery tickets, subsequently losing time and productivity to reconfirm and bill sales orders. Now, using Apacheta, Accion no longer needs to keep copies of confirmation documents on hand, mitigating the potential of lost or damaged paperwork. Additionally, forms are electronically signed by customers, sent to the home office and immediately filed electronically with the patient records in Accion’s Brightree system, allowing billers to confirm orders within minutes and improve days’ sales outstanding (DSO) by 40 percent.

Additionally, prior to deploying Apacheta’s Transport Manager, Accion experienced difficulty monitoring drivers and, in turn, could not provide quality answers when customers inquired about their delivery status. In order to provide patients an estimated delivery time, dispatchers previously had to call drivers directly and relay a general time frame back to customers based solely on the technicians’ feedback. However, with Apacheta’s mobile solution, the company is now able to provide better service to their customers as dispatchers are able to easily track the status of a driver on a well-planned route. This capability allows dispatchers to immediately update patients on the whereabouts of their order, as well as submit ad hoc request without requiring the driver to return to the office to pick up the delivery ticket.

“Since implementing Apacheta software, we can confidently say we have accomplished the primary goals we set out to achieve at the beginning of this partnership,” said Noe Garza, administrator for Accion. “The mobile solution provided us the opportunity to streamline our workflow and reposition ourselves as a key player throughout the DME industry. Not only has everything from inventory management to customer support improved, but we’ve experienced a new-found confidence as it relates to accreditation and audits. Knowing that Apacheta’s software is HIPAA compliant and documents are easily accessible at all times adds a level of assured certainty that we are always prepared.”

Finally, the level of service and attention Accion has received from Apacheta is beyond comparison. Garza added that Apacheta provided excellent training to office employees and technicians, making adopting the technology effortless. He also commended Apacheta for fast response times and constant support when it came to answering questions, training staff and customizing forms to be used with the software.

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