Paper vs. Paperless: The Case for Going Mobile

In meeting with prospective HME/DME customers we often hear, “We’ve always used paper. What will your mobile solution do that paper can’t?Well, the short answer is: quite a bit. But since you’re probably looking for a little more than that, here it is:

Sure, traditional paper-based systems will get the job done, but not in an efficient or cost-effective manner. Think about the following questions as they relate to your workflow and operational processes:

  • How many documents get lost between customer service, delivery teams and back office staff?
  • How many hours (or days) is your billing team spending hunting missing paperwork to confirm orders?
  • How much are write-offs costing your company because of missing documents?

We are willing to bet these numbers aren’t quite where you’d want them to be. However, with a mobile solution, such as TransportACE and Transport Manager they can be.

First, let’s look at how much a paper-based system costs providers. Aside from the physical paper, a number of operational and overhead expenses are associated with this method. Not only do companies need to keep fulltime employees on hand to manually scan and file documents, but lost or missing paperwork can end up costing thousands of dollars in write-offs and overtime hours.

Next, think about the efficiency of a company reliant on paper processes. After each stop, delivery technicians must keep track of all paperwork signed by patients, and are then required to present it to billers at the end of the day or week. Due to human error, this is easier said than done.

Often times documents go missing or get filed out of order, which means more work for the billing department to find or recreate lost paperwork. With such a stressful and time consuming practice, patient orders can remain pending for several weeks before being confirmed, resulting in a high day’s sales outstanding (DSO) number.

So, why would you want to go through all the headaches and shell out money you don’t have to spend if you don’t need to? That’s where we come in.

Apacheta’s solutions allow companies to streamline efficiencies and significantly reduce unnecessary expenses. Since our software electronically stores all documents in one location, delivery technicians can automatically transfer forms to the billing department without information getting lost. This ensures orders are executed, confirmed and properly filed in a timely, cost effective manner.

While these benefits of a paperless environment speak for themselves, consider the following successes our partners have experienced after switching to a mobile solution:

  • Geneva Woods Pharmacy and Healthcare Services reduced the amount of missing or improperly executed paperwork by almost 26 percent annually.
  • MedCare Equipment Company saved 466,000 sheets of paper per year and reduced its DSO by 13.5 days.
  • Throughout a 6 month period, SurfMed experienced a 100 percent elimination of missing delivery tickets, a 97 percent reduction in the frequency of incomplete forms and a 75 percent decrease in costs associated with printing materials.

If your answers to the questions at the beginning were difficult to admit, or you related too much to the frustrations of a paper-based system, it may be time to switch to a mobile solution – and we know just the right people to help you! Contact us today to see how we can help save you money, time and frustration.