HME/DME Delivery Software

Streamline your HME/DME Deliveries and Increase Fiscal Efficacy

When delivering home medical equipment and durable medical equipment to patients, timeliness and accuracy are critical to delivering superior patient care. Apacheta’s mobility solution streamlines delivery of critical equipment and supplies, enabling HME/DME companies to go paperless, capturing information electronically to minimize errors and ensure billing accuracy to speed payments.

HME/DME providers benefit from:

  • Reduced operating costs associated with issuing, processing, maintaining and archiving paper in the equipment and service delivery process;
  • Streamlined operations, reducing the amount of time spent at each stop with structured mobile workflows to ensure route compliance and enable clean billing;
  • Clean billing and accelerated payments with fewer charge-backs by eliminating paperwork and providing electronic proof-of-delivery;
  • Enhanced patient care and adherence to service windows;
  • Improved inventory tracking of equipment in the field;
  • Audit validity and reduction of errors with electronic proof-of-delivery and workflows to ensure procedures are followed and authorized signatures are captured;
  • Quick and efficient delivery of equipment with mobile dispatch and real-time tracking of equipment and drivers

Apacheta’s HME/DME Mobility Solution

Apacheta offers an end-to-end mobility solution for streamlining and managing HME/DME delivery,  which connects readily to HME/DME billing and management solutions. Our solution is comprised of Apacheta TransportACE for HME/DME, a mobile proof-of-delivery application, and Apacheta Transport Manager, a dispatch and management console.

Apacheta TransportACE for HME/DME  offers structured workflows to meet the needs of HME/DME providers including:

  • Proof-of-delivery with signature capture and photo documentation
  • Dynamic trip management with real-time delivery status
  • Flexible electronic forms to reduce the amount of paper and eliminate scanning and storage expenses
  • Electronic orders with barcode scanning support

Transport Manager enables managers and customer service representatives to centrally plan, schedule and monitor field force activity via a web-based application, allowing them to:

  • View sales orders on a map or in a list
  • Quickly build and optimize routes
  • Wirelessly dispatch routes to field technicians’ smartphone, tablet or rugged mobile device
  • Receive and monitor delivery status in real-time
  • Review signed proof-of-delivery documents and exceptions with optional email of the PDF of the document
  • View management reports that measure Key Performance Indicators such as time to service, drive time, completions, and percentages