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Streamline Your HME/DME Deliveries 

When delivering medical equipment to patients, timeliness and accuracy are critical to improving patient outcomes. Apacheta offers a HIPAA-compliant mobile delivery management solution that enables HME/DME companies to streamline operations, track deliveries and assets, and improve patient care.

Apacheta’s cloud-based solution, combined with seamless integration to leading billing and content management systems such as Brightree, allows even the smallest providers to get up and running quickly and easily with a complete solution. And, our support for consumer-grade smartphones and tablets offer the most affordable and flexible device options available.

Benefits to HME/DMEs Include:

  • Automate paper delivery tickets and forms to streamline delivery operations, minimize errors and enable clean billing
  • Manage your deliveries and optimize your fleet operations in real-time
  • Increase control of assets in the field with barcode scanning
  • Provide better patient outcomes and improve customer service with more accurate and timely deliveries
  • Enhance your brand reputation with customers, hospitals and insurance providers with a modern and powerful solution

Apacheta’s Mobile Delivery Management Solution

The solution is comprised of Apacheta TransportACE, a mobile proof-of-delivery application, and Apacheta Transport Manager, a dispatch and fleet management console, connected seamlessly to your billing and content management system, including Brightree. Used together, you are able to eliminate paper, map and track drivers and deliveries in real-time and track key metrics such as exceptions, stops made and time spent per stop.

Apacheta TransportACE offers prompt-driven, mobile workflows for HME/DME including:

  • Load management with barcode scanning to ensure the right equipment is delivered to the right patient, when it is needed
  • Electronic documents and proof-of-delivery with signature capture
  • Integration with leading billing and content management systems to eliminate manual errors that can lead to billing disputes
  • Dynamic trip management with real-time delivery status
  • Structured workflows to walk delivery technicians through proper delivery, authorization, inspection, and training processes to ensure they are meeting company and government guidelines

Transport Manager enables managers and customer service representatives to centrally plan, schedule and monitor field force activity via a cloud-based application. With Transport Manager, you can:

  • View sales orders on a map or in a list and quickly plan and optimize routes with estimated arrival times
  • Wirelessly dispatch routes to field technicians’ smartphone, tablet or rugged mobile device to eliminate paper delivery tickets
  • Receive and monitor delivery status in real-time
  • Use GPS tracking and reporting to easily locate vehicles on a map and provide more accurate estimated arrival times
  • Review signed proof-of-delivery documents and upload to your content management system for long-term storage
  • View management reports that measure Key Performance Indicators such as time to service, drive time, completions, and percentages