Transport Manager

Apacheta Transport Manager


Manage your Fleet Operations

Transport Manager enables managers and customer service representatives to centrally plan, schedule and monitor field force activity via a cloud-based application. With Transport Manager, you can:

  • View sales orders on a map or in a list and quickly plan and optimize routes with estimated arrival times
  • Wirelessly dispatch routes to smartphones, tablets or rugged mobile devices to eliminate paper delivery tickets
  • Receive and monitor delivery status in real-time
  • Use GPS tracking and reporting to easily locate vehicles on a map and provide more accurate estimated arrival times
  • Review signed proof-of-delivery documents and upload to your content management system for long-term storage
  • View management reports that measure Key Performance Indicators such as time to service, drive time, completions, and percentages

Transport Manager works with TransportACE configurations for HME/DME and Medical Supplies. See more information about our Medical Logistics solutions.

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