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Apacheta Cloud

Full-featured, Turnkey Solutions for Lower Upfront Investment 

Apacheta Cloud is a mobile software as a service offering that provides turnkey mobile solutions for a low monthly subscription fee.  Through the Apacheta Cloud, businesses of all sizes can quickly deploy and scale full-featured, enterprise-level solutions with minimal upfront investment and lower IT costs.

Apacheta Cloud mobile software as a service offers:

  • Packaged applications for field service, presales, direct store delivery, merchandising, medical and transportation
  • Handheld devices and wireless airtime through Apacheta reseller partners
  • Certified, reliable, and scalable hosting services
  • Set up, configuration, and training
  • Deployment and production support
  • Direct and secure integration to your host CRM or ERP system

With Apacheta Cloud, you can count on uptime without dealing with the management hassle.  We also handle your device management including: diagnosis, troubleshooting, security policy enforcement, over-the-air firmware and configuration updates, real-time asset tracking, and reporting.