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Drag-and-Drop Mobile Application Development Tools

VisualACE™ Business Process Designer is a drag-and-drop mobile application development tool for rapidly customizing Apacheta applications or creating native applications.  Simply create your workflows and VisualACE will generate native code to create an optimal user experience and deliver predictable operation across device platforms.

VisualACE can be used to configure application options, rearrange workflows to suit your needs, or code entirely new tasks and workflows.  These workflows are then reusable, allowing you to quickly duplicate similar tasks across applications using a common code base — speeding development and lowering total cost of ownership.

VisualACE offers:

  • The ability to rapidly customize and configure Apacheta workflow applications
  • Drag-and-drop business process design
  • Reusable workflows to mobilize your entire enterprise
  • Single code base for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Platform-specific user interface for optimal user experience
  • A plug-in to Microsoft Visual Studio