XRS Fleet Management

XRS Fleet Tracking

XRS OBRC for Fleet TrackingApacheta has partnered with industry-leading fleet tracking and compliance company XRS.  XRS Turnpike offers electronic hours-of-service logs and IFTA reporting. XRS Turnpike has been repeatedly cited by the FMCSA as the most cost-effective compliance device for electronic driver logs.

With no upfront hardware costs, no drilling for installation, virtually no downtime for implementation and only a low subscription price per vehicle each month, XRS Turnpike makes road science easy, affordable, and effective. XRS Turnpike helps companies strengthen safety and compliance and enhance operations by cutting idle time, and reducing violations, hard-braking, rapid speed-changes, and missed inspections.

Apacheta TransportACE integrates seamless with XRS Turnpike, tracking hours-of-service electronically and creating vehicle inspection reports as part of a daily mobile workflow. Together, TransportACE and XRS Turnpike create a next-generation transportation solution to streamline your fleet operations while ensuring compliance with governmental regulations.

Learn how to unbolt your drivers from the cab with TransportACE, XRS and ALK!

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